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Girrrl…The lies they tell!

Are you tired of the self-proclaimed beauty influencers on social media, taking you through countless steps to create one look?

But no matter what you do, you still feel confused, self-conscious, and overwhelmed.

Not to mention all of the wasted money, drawers of makeup, and countless time spent in the mirror.

But with The Beauty Diary You can…


Enhance your natural beauty in 15-minutes or less.


Level up your appearance to afford you more opportunities in life.


Feel beautiful and confident.

“The 15-Minute Makeup Plan”

The best way to achieve the perfect look,
is to have a step-by-step guide to get you there.

1. Order Your Copy

2. Follow the basic step-by-step pictured instructions

3. Enjoy stunning looks in less than 15-minutes

Over 100 Pages + Tips

Over 100
Pages + Tips

Step-By-Step Instructions

Self-Love: Beauty starts from within and what others are ultimately attracted to.

Makeup Assessment: Streamline your beauty routine with products that pull double duty. Ditch your collection of expired products, makeup mishaps, duplicates, and trends of the past.

Tools: Makeup brushes that can be used for different product applications.

Shop Like A Beauty Pro: How to maximize your beauty budget and The Golden Rules to remember before you buy.

Photo Finish Picture Perfect Makeup: Camera makeup rules you need to reconsider.

Party Proof Your Look: When the heat is on, keep your makeup in place and avoid looking like a hot, runny mess.

Concealer: Shades on the color wheel that make skin look flawless (dark spots, under eye circles, reddish patches).

Foundation: How to pick and apply the right formula foundation for your skin type and finding your under tone. Plus, a foundation mistake even makeup artist make.

Principles of Contouring + Camouflage That Double Chin

Blush: Picking the right formula and shade blush.

Lip Matters: Everyday lipstick techniques that save you time, effort, and most of all – your sanity.

Bombshell Lashes: Leave your lashes clump free and looking like false lashes.

The Power Brow: Nothing defines your face quite like your brows. Here are 6-steps to a naturally shape brow.

Dodge These Eye Shadow Mistakes: 9 things to do to achieve the best eye shadow application.

Playing With Color: Easy eye looks using fun yet practical colors.

Looks: 6 makeup looks for any occasion.


…And Sooo Much More!!!

From Our Readers

Secrets from a pro. Love this book. Bailey does a great job breaking down the steps to a flawless face with less effort. After you get the basics down, she has a section on specific looks that is a great go-to for someone like me. Buy the book; you’ll love it.

Aija Rhodes | MD

Management Consultant

Absolutely LOVE IT!! Being a talk show host, I’m always on the go. I don’t always have time to get my makeup professionally done, but this book gives me great how-to tips, and it’s simple and easy to read. Thanks for all the amazing insight!!

Donna Jones | LA

On-air Personality

I thoroughly enjoyed this book – the beautiful pictures, layout, and all of the quick, useful, real-world tips. Great Job!

Myss Stephens | VA

Interpersonal Communication Specialist

The Beauty Diary is a timeless, stylish, fun gift. Thank you for producing a book that shows me how to achieve timeless looks and an enduring beauty regimen. Can’t wait until you publish the sequel.

Netro McKay | TX

Registered Dietitian

About Bailey Sessoms

“The Beauty Diary” will be the best selling beauty book of all times.

Beauty Quality Assurance


Is this makeup book worth my time and investment?

Time is money, and the wrong advice may cost you future opportunities. This book will literally save you money, as well as hours and effort searching for advice.


Who is this makeup book for?

This makeup book is for beginners and those who are not confident with their current approach. This book is NOT for the diva who insists that she looks better wearing over-the-top makeup.


Can I find these tips on the Internet?

This book is a compilation of proven tips I’ve used for over 20-years as a professional makeup artist.


How long will it take to enhance my look?

You will achieve the majority of these tips immediately. Others may take more time. Just go at your own pace and master one technique at a time.


Are the tips practical?

YES! You don’t need an arsenal of makeup to look good. These tips are straight to the point, easy to follow, and practical to execute.

Girlfriend, I understand!

It’s not about being the prettiest; it’s about being the most beautiful you.

I know how it feels to be confused about what to do to look your best. Like you, I was frustrated by the unrealistic tips and the over-the-top makeup tutorials my clients said they had to endure.

However, you shouldn’t have to wear a lot of makeup to feel and look your best. Your natural beauty deserves to be seen, so others know how uniquely beautiful you are.

But now, you can achieve the perfect look with easy step-by-step instructions with “The Beauty Diary” makeup book.

Avoid disappointment

and future regret!

In other words, Taking the wrong advice may leave you…


Missing out on personal and business opportunities


Wasting money on products, you don’t need


Spending too much time doing your makeup

The Beauty Diary offers the best step-by-step guide to get you there.

You’ll Love The Way You Look…

and they will too!


Did you know improving your appearance can earn you thousands more?


Most men are attracted to women who wear natural-looking makeup.

Go from self-conscious and overwhelmed…

– To –

Naturally beautiful and confident!

Girlfriend, what are you waiting for? Order your copy today!

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