The Beauty Diary: Editorial Edition (Paperback-Autographed Copy)

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No mater what type of business you have, every CEO needs to look the part. The Beauty Diary holds no secrets. This editorial style beauty book is chock full of images and reveals timeless makeup tips on how to enhance your natural beauty. Enjoy easy to follow step-by-step makeup advice that will make you confident in your beauty regimen. This will be a diary you’ll want to share with your girlfriends!


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18 reviews for The Beauty Diary: Editorial Edition (Paperback-Autographed Copy)

  1. Ashley Joy

    I can’t tell you how many video’s I’ve watched trying to follow the tips of every self-proclaimed beauty guru on YouTube. But interestingly enough, I never really understood makeup application until I read The Beauty Diary. This book literally just sent me to makeup school AND saved me hours of searching and watching random videos. Quick Tip: The entire section on eye and brow makeup application is gold. Jump straight to it and watch your makeup game soar.

  2. Connie (verified owner)

    The Beauty Book was awesome! An easy read and full of great tips and fabulous visual images!

  3. Myss Stephens

    I throughly enjoyed this book – the beautiful pictures, layout, and all of the quick, useful, real world tips. Great Job!

  4. Donna Jones

    Absolutely LOVE IT!! Being a talk show host I’m always on the go and make up is super important a lot of times I don’t always have time to get my makeup professionally done but this book give me great how to tips and it simple and easy to read thanks for all the amazing insight!!

  5. Netro M

    Fun gift that I will give my friends and loved. The “Beauty Diary” is a timeless, stylish, fun gift that I will give my friends and loved ones who want to look their best. Thank you for producing a book that shows me how to achieve timeless looks and an enduring beauty regimen. The only one thing I would change is the title – let’s call it “Foreverness”, because that is how long I will keep and use it! 🙂 Can’t wait until you publish the sequel.

  6. Felicia

    The Beauty Diary by Bailey Sessoms is a Must Have!!! I am soo HAPPY to have this book! Its Quality, easy to read Commentary and Beautiful Illustrations of “how to do it” makes it the perfect DIY for the everyday lady (like me) looking for ways to wear makeup the right way and staying beautiful every day. I find myself going to my “The Beauty Diary” book first when I’m looking for makeup instruction, ideas on what to purchase and the overall inspiration to know that I can achieve any look I want from work, weekends, to let’s PARTY!!. I recommend you get your copy today, you will be glad you did. ~Felicia, Fan of The Beauty Diary!

  7. Joi

    Wow! The Beauty Diary is a wonderful guide to help someone like me who is not make-up savvy. I love the tips and they are easy to follow. The vibrant photos are amazing for folks like me that are visual. This book is a great investment to help with my goal of continuous self-improvement, mind, body, and soul. Get your copy today and its the perfect gift for a girlfriend. I love it!

  8. Wendy M

    THE “go-to” make-up resource for the everyday woman. The Beauty Diary by make-up expert Bailey Sessoms is FILLED with so many great, practical tips for anyone, who wants to step up their beauty game with ease and just needs to know EXACTLY what to do and how to do it. I love the photos and step-by-step instructions, which help to make this book THE “go-to” make-up resource for the everyday woman.

  9. A.R.

    Secrets from a pro. Love this book. Bailey does a great job breaking down the steps to a flawless face with less effort. After you get the basics down, she has a section on specific looks that is a great go-to for someone like me, who loves make up but doesn’t feel like spending 20 minutes on a smoky eye. Buy the book, you’ll love it.

  10. Alison Henderson

    Since my makeup routine is minimal, I was drawn to the Lips chapter, where the “Perfect Red” and “A Matte Made In Heaven” helped me define my perfect kiss. Thanks Bailey for your black girl magic!

  11. Ajshay James (verified owner)

    THE BEST BEAUTY BOOK EVER!!! Bailey puts the Be in Beauty. She helps us to:

    Be confident in our beauty choices(with her expert advice, how can a gal go wrong???)
    Be ourselves in the most flattering way possible
    Be like the pros in creating our beauty looks

    More than just tips and tricks, this beauty bible is one to live by. It now has a permanent home on my vanity. I reference it daily.

  12. Amber Newman

    Nailed It!!! I can finally pick up a beauty book and not feel overwhelmed with too much information. I like how The Beauty Diary broke each section down and made it each to access information. The images are eye-catching and give a clear explanation of what to do. This book is so pretty I would leave it on my coffee table if the tips weren’t so darn good.

  13. Tonya Broughton

    The Beauty Diary is a must-have book for enhancing every woman’s beauty. There’s so much to love about this book! Bailey Sessoms delivers a personal touch through her instructional commentary. Her use of beautiful imagery helps demonstrate the step-by-step tips. From makeup application to how to select products that are best for my skin tone and more, I’m ready to step up my boss lady beauty game.


    I took your book with me to NYC this weekend. I enjoyed skimming the pages during my train ride. As a result I ventured outside my comfort zone and I decided to go to Sephora and bought a lipstick color that I do not own but totally fell in love with. My boyfriend loved it. Great book! I will read more in my down time. Thank you Bailey for sharing your beauty secrets.

  15. Brandi Alfred

    What an AH-MAZING book! From someone who is not confident to step outside of using just Vaseline, this book walks me through stepping out of my comfort zone. Not only is the book an eye catching page turner, it also provides easy steps to duplicate looks that I’d like to try from brows, to lashes, to lips, etc and all in one book!!! Can you be overwhelmed and excited at the same time? I am!! This book is an essential “Beauty Diary” for all women. I’m looking forward to exploring all things cosmetics now that I have a cheat book! Thanks Bailey!!

  16. LaTasha Green

    I LOVE THIS BOOK!! This is definitely my go to “Beauty Bible”!!! For me, it not economic to get a “professional” to do my makeup for everything I go to but with this amazing book, Author Bailey Sessoms, provides some essential tips and guidance that DEFINITELY speaks to my needs!!! Thank you Bailey for creating this masterpiece!!!

  17. Elizabeth Wormley

    From someone who only wear lipstick…the “Beauty Diary” attempting to change this !! Bailey Sessoms has wonderfully created a instructional colorful “masterpiece”….with simplistic easy to follow steps…..Oh..and “The Beauty Diary”…is true to its title…..artistry FROM cover to cover…Bailey’s..step by step instructions intertwined with her heart to heart commentary ..makes it easy and pleasant read..#chicbook…..”If you don’t get it, you won’t get it!”

  18. Sarah James

    Love it! The pages are so pretty and the tips are quick and easy to read.

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