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Easy-to-follow step-by-step makeup tips to achieve the perfect look.
No major talent required.

ever asked yourself any of these questions?

How do I select the right colors for my skin tone?


How can I consistently convert beauty advice into looks I can wear?


How do I highlight my best features?


How can I use my current makeup collection more effectively so that I can get my money’s worth?


How do I determine what items I should have in my makeup bag?


How do I create a look beyond the basic “shade over the entire eye, middle shade on the upper lid and darkest shade in the crease?”

Secrets from a pro. Love this book. Bailey does a great job breaking down the steps to a flawless face with less effort. After you get the basics down, she has a section on specific looks that is a great go-to for someone like me, who loves make up but doesn’t feel like spending 20 minutes on a smoky eye. Buy the book, you’ll love it.

-Aija Rhodes,

Here is the problem…

If you don’t learn how to properly accentuate your unique features, you will never overcome the “method” behind the “madness” of makeup. You will be left with a beauty drawer that overflows with one-hit wonders and color mishaps.


Select the right product formulas and shades for your skin tone using sound guidelines that eliminate the guesswork.


Know what to buy AND how to buy to maximize your beauty budget. PLUS, upgrade your makeup routine without buying a thing thanks to products that pull double duty.


Conquer basic makeup techniques and transform your professional and social appearance overnight.


Rapidly enhance your look with application techniques that create stunning results in 10 minutes or less.


Do all this in less time than you’re probably already spending…


Frequently Asked Questions

While writing The Beauty Diary, I found that the following questions kept coming up…

Who is this book for?
The name says it all! But, to be more specific, this book is for women who are just starting a makeup routine AND for women who have a makeup routine but are not confident with their current approach, and who want to step up their game just a bit. This book is NOT for the diva who insists that she looks better wearing over-the-top makeup.
Is there anything in this book that I don't already know or could find on the Internet?

Let’s keep it real, you can find just about anything on the Internet, which is part of the problem. You’ll probably find yourself watching and reading several videos and articles before you find one that sounds right, and this doesn’t mean that it’s true or from a reliable source. This book is a compilation of proven tips I’ve used for 20-years as a pro artist.

Is it worth my time and investment?
As a Boss Lady, I know that time is money. How valuable is your time? This book will easily save you hours of time and effort searching for and learning about how to enhance your look. Some Bosses spend more in a week on coffee.
How long will it take to enhance my look?
I think this is a loaded question and my reply is always the same: “It depends on who’s asking.” With most of the tips I share, you can start applying them right away, but there are some that will take more time, as they will require you to actually go to the store. Just go at your own pace and master one technique at a time.
Are the tips practical, or are they over-the-top techniques that will take me weeks to master?
Your life is not a photoshoot. If you spend more than 15 minutes doing your makeup (unless it’s a very special occasion), you’re “doing too much.” You don’t need to be creative or own an arsenal of makeup to look good. The point of this book is to get you looking your best in less time.


How awesome would it be to finally ditch the long makeup routine? To create a stunning look in less than 15-minutes rather than 30ish?

“Your life is not a photo shoot.”

If you spend more than 15-minutes doing your makeup then you’re doin’ too much!

I wrote The Beauty Diary because, as a professional makeup artist, I saw firsthand how women were struggling to sort through all the mumbo-jumbo to get down to the nitty-gritty and actually learn practical tips.

You shouldn’t have to read page after page to learn a tip or two. I wanted you to get great advice and reference it quickly.

The Beauty Diary presents beauty articles {not chapters} to highlight information that every woman should know relating to her makeup routine.

The “Beauty Diary” is a timeless, stylish, fun gift that I will give my friends and loved ones who want to look their best. Thank you for producing a book that shows me how to achieve timeless looks and an enduring beauty regimen. The only one thing I would change is the title – let’s call it “Foreverness”, because that is how long I will keep and use it! Can’t wait until you publish the sequel.

-Netro Mckay

With 20+ years as a professional makeup artist, beauty columnist, and lifestyle writer, I’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of clients, partner with notable brands, and share my expertise with hundreds of thousands of women, showing them how to improve their look.

Offering a variety of services from makeup application to makeup lessons, workshops to beauty events, and everything in between. I’ve spent decades helping women from various ethnic backgrounds, create a look that enhanced their natural beauty.

I’ve written countless articles as a style producer and beauty columnist for prominent brands. I’ve been a featured expert on news shows and in publications such as The New York Daily News, Daily Worth, and The Washington Post. But motherhood, followed by bouts of poor health, forced me to rethink my business.

I had to come up with alternative ways to leverage my years-upon-years of experience. After several years of trying to figure out a new game plan, I realized I loved speaking and teaching about defining your personal brand more than simply providing the services itself.

I’ve learned that living an authentic life and being my authentic self is everything. Not only in business, but also when it comes to developing a personal brand. There is one thing I know for sure: This can only be done via self-exploration, not by following the latest trends.

You can also visit me at


Get your step-by-step copy today and easily create beautiful looks that work! No more pulling your hair out trying to figure out the right shades that compliment your skin tone.

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